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Every day since more than eighty years at the same address in via Imbiani (San Giovanni in Persiceto – Bologna - Italia) the local family-run farm transforms fresh milk into cheese and, among the other types, into the excellence of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

azienda caretti storicaCaretti’s farm has been created in 1928 thanks to the love, passion and ambition for the cultivation of the land and breeding of Enea Caretti.

He was a humble farmer and breeder that, after the difficulties lived during the 2° World War, restarted his activities by purchasing a small dairy to process the milk. As the family grew, during years 60 and 70 the sons, Dante and Oriano, started to work in the farm with the same passion and intuition. They developed new branches that now compose the farm (agriculture – breeding – transformation).

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Thanks to their sensibility to the environment and the animals, the two brothers realized immediately the importance of the relation between the animal wellness and the environment in which they live. They started then to invest in this direction: the farm was indeed among the first in Emilia-Romagna region to adopt the loose housing system cattle, its own mill, the dryer system followed by the dehydrator for the forage as well as the breeding manner.

The roofing of the farm buildings with photovoltaic panels, like in the Parmigiano Reggiano maturation room, is another successful investment, together with the recycled wood used to cover the mounting stable structure.
These innovative choices have allowed initiating a close cooperation with the Veterinary Department of the University of Bologna.

Our cattle are treated by expert veterinarians; the breeding is administrated following the principles in force regarding the animal wellness and certified by the several veterinary controls at which we are daily submitted.

The cattle’s feeding is self-made using the land cultivation: if “we are what we eat”, the direct control on the whole production and on our cattle’s feeding allows us to obtain high quality level standards of the final product.

The land is practically completely dedicated to the forage cultivation therefore also the environmental landscape is in balance with nature.

According to the result of a research lead by the University of Parma, our land area is densely populated by migratory birds like swallows and swifts; they can nest and eat safely as the forage cultivation does not requires fungicides or pesticides.
Most of the milk we produce is for our own consume and only a small part of it is supplied to the farms in the neighborhoods.

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